The Flame Alchemist's Journal

Roy Mustang
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☆ Character: Roy Mustang
☆ Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
☆ Character Age: 29
☆ Special Abilities/Powers: Roy is a state alchemist, capable of manipulating the oxygen density in the air around him to control and produce fire, including everything from tiny sparks to large fireballs. As long as his gloves don’t get wet, or air currents make it difficult to conduct a transmutation, that is. Thanks to a transmutation circle inscribed on his gloves, which are made of a special material, Roy is able to use the sparks he creates when he snaps his fingers to fuel this transmutation. He’s also decent with a gun, playing chess, procrastinating, and pretty much anything else he actually puts his mind to.
☆Timeline: After Maes Hughes’ death in the anime (around episode 25 or 26)
☆ Character's Personality: Though Roy seems egotistical and conniving on the surface, he’s fiercely loyal to his comrades and hopes to someday change the military for the better. Roy is also fairly intelligent, resourceful and has good instincts; skills honed by the Ishbal war, which still haunts his thoughts and drives him to succeed in his goals.
☆ Character's Background: Much of Roy’s early life remains a mystery. A few years before the start of the series, he was deployed as a state alchemist into the region of Ishbal to control the rebellion that had developed there. Used as a human weapon to help turn the tide of the war, it deeply influenced him to try and atone for his actions, which included killing a pair of doctors (Winry Rockbell’s parents) who were treating wounded Ishbalans. His remorse over the incident nearly made him commit suicide, though he was thankfully stopped by a good friend of his named Maes Hughes. After the war, Roy spent the next few years quickly rising in the ranks to the position of Colonel, his ultimate goal being to become the Fuhrer. He meets Ed shortly after he attempts a human transmutation, and becomes his superior, allowing Ed and Al to continue their quest to restore their bodies as well as completing the missions the military demands of Ed. Recently, Maes has died, murdered mysteriously after researching into the military’s records.

This is a roleplaying journal for asylumproject and in_fabula.